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How it Works

Our 3 Easy Steps will ease the burden of Compliance!

Answer Location Specific Questions
  • A Training Supervisor answers a short online questionnaire
  • Questions include: Where is your closest fire extinguisher located?
  • Answers will be imported into your online training for customization
Register Staff for Training
  • Enter the Staff Member's Name and Email Address
  • Select the Courses you want them to take
  • Our system will email login information and training instructions
Staff Complete Trainings & Quizzes
  • Staff members can access their training anytime, and anywhere
  • After a course and quiz, the staff member can print a Certificate
  • Training Supervisors can track progress, and print reports

Membership Services

Members of Compliance PhD also enjoy the following support services:

  • Training Course Library

    Complete Access to Training Library. You select which courses your staff will take.

  • Online Forms & Posters

    Current posters & forms. Easy to customize, and conveniently found all in one place.

  • Compliance Handbook

    Everyday tool to help with your most common questions.

  • Certificates of Compliance Mastery

    Required Documentation provided after each Training & Quiz.

  • Email Notifications

    Let our system notify you and your staff of updates and changes happening now.

  • Staff Reports

    Easy to track the progress of your staff members, or print a report for an auditor.

  • Multi-Location Compatible

    Site-specific training for up to 10 different locations. Ideal for practices with satellite offices.

  • Monthly Compliance Newsletter

    Stay current with up-to-date deadlines, government programs, and other healthcare news.

  • Committment to Employee Safety
  • Committment to Patient Privacy
  • Committment to a Higher Standard