5 Benefits of Online HIPAA Compliance Training

Submitted by admin on Mon, 06/01/2015 - 14:31

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Maintaining a current training program and consistently being interpreting new healthcare compliance regulations can be difficult for any facility to stay on top of. Online healthcare compliance training offers a remarkably easy and practical solution. Here are five reasons that a healthcare facility can benefit from adopting an online training model.


Up-to-date training


When healthcare regulations and requirements associated with audits and inspections are always changing, it’s difficult to keep up with the most up-to-date compliance standards. For this reason, it only makes sense for materials relating to HIPAA, privacy standards, and other forms of compliance to be made available online, where they can consistently be updated.


Burden-free compliance


Opting for online training works significantly to reduce the burden of compliance, making it much easier for healthcare employees to complete their needed training. An online training program is as simple as having an employee log into the training center, read the necessary materials, and then take a test to determine if he or she has internalized the information.


Easy training management


Online training can also greatly simplify the training management process. A training manager can easily add staff to the training list, select the necessary courses for completion, and then monitor staff progress across multiple locations. The manager can also send reminder emails as needed, or schedule automatic emails to be sent out to employees.


Materials in a centralized locations


An online training center can also serve as a central location for all administrative forms and posters related to compliance, such as the facility training schedule, regulated waste checklist, biohazard removal guidelines, security incident report, and employment verification forms. Rather than keeping OSHA, HIPAA, and safety related guides, forms, and posters in separate locations, you can store them online together where employees will always be able to access them.


Affordable training


When training is automated with the use of online technology, you will not have to worry about hiring extra staff to take care of your training needs. Online training makes the training process simpler than ever, making compliance a responsibility that can easily be integrated with other job responsibilities.


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