This is the most common question we receive. Healthcare Professionals must have a Plan, Train everyone in that Plan, and Properly Document this process. Our memberships satisfy all of these requirements. For additional information: Visit the "Audits" link.

Our experience has taught us that when training is tailored to an employee's actual work environment, it leads to fewer mistakes. We feel that generic large-group trainings are less effective and lead to greater risk.

Yes. Your membership level is determined by your employee count. Once you have paid your membership fee, all employees for the practice will have access to all current courses, plus any new courses added during the year.

Part of being protected against mistakes is measuring whether or not your employees understood the material. Our quizzes require a pass rate of 70% or above to qualify for a certificate. When staff simply view a video or attend a large group training it can be difficult to verify their understanding. Compliance PhD not only trains your staff, but protects your practice by verifying your staff understood the material.

New employees should receive training on or before their first day. Current employees should be retrained at least every 12 months. We recommend conducting training more frequently should a security incident, workplace injury, or change in management occur. Practices who train their staff at least every 12 months avoid fines during audits.

Our staff has years of experience assisting thousands of practices, from every state and in nearly every specialty.

All Training Courses are self-paced. Typical completion times range anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Healthcare Professionals Only. All content, including: Training, Quizzes, Forms and more have been designed specifically for professionals working in the Healthcare Industry.

Annual Memberships include access to our entire Online Training Library for your staff, access to Forms, Posters, and our Monthly Online Newsletter. Membership Upgrades include discounted Compliance Handbooks, and custom training for additional locations. For a complete description of our service, please visit our "products & services" link.

Audits and Inspections can be performed at random, however, workplace injuries, accidents, and complaints from patients or employees can trigger an audit or an inspection of your practice.

Fines and penalties vary depending on the violation. Major violations can result in loss of license, increased insurance costs, with fines totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Practices may also be at risk for civil lawsuits.

Yes. Practices found "out of compliance" may be flagged for regular future audits.

Yes. All staff, including Physicians, Management, or Administration are required to complete annual training.

Yes. When you Refer a Friend to Compliance PhD, we will thank you by sending you a prepaid Visa Gift Card. See our "Refer a Friend" page for details.

Users can access the system using either PC/Windows or Mac. Recommended System Requirements: Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or above (or) Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above.


YES! Prior to employees' beginning online courses, A Training Supervisor (Usually the Office Manager) will complete a short online Form for each location. Their responses will be imported directly into the office training, thus making the training unique to each location.

Our Training System easily scales from a small practice of only one employee, to large clinics with hundreds of employees, and quickly customizes for each location.

No. Member ID's are not email addresses. Member IDs are unique log ins created by the website using the users first and last name. Member ID's are case sensitive and have a period between the first and last name. Example: John.Doe

Firefox as well as the latest version of Internet Explorer are recommended.

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